Management of the BTP Study Program Room Division Solves MURI Records for Artwork Folding Towels

Management of the BTP Study Program Room Division Solves MURI Records for Artwork Folding Towels – Batam Tourism Polytechnic (BTP) won the MURI record for Folding Towel Artwork on Thursday (2/5) afternoon on the Tiban BTP campus.

The art of folding towels displayed is the art of folding towels into animal shapes. On this occasion, an animal formed from a towel is an owl.

From towels there are several animal shapes that can be formed, including geese formed from 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels, elephant shapes made of 2 hand towels, stingrays formed from 1 bath towel and 1 hand towel, monkey shapes made from 1 hand towel, and the form of food basketball is made of 2 hand towels, and the shape of the flower is formed from 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels.

Randa Mulyatama as Chair of the Committee as well as a fourth semester Room Division Management student said that this event was held by Room Division Management (RDM) students in Semester II and Semester IV.

“The shape of the animal that we form is made from sewn towels covering an area of ​​15m x 15m. From the towel, a 3.5 m high owl model will be formed. The shape of the owl is chosen because it is a symbol of tourism,” he said.

“The shape of the owl is made from about 300 used towels donated by several hotel and resort sponsors. The work of making folding towel art into its own owl forms takes 1 hour using 100 students,” he explained.

“Our sponsors include Karisma Makmur Sejahtera, Radisson Hotels, Turi Beach Resort, Montigo Resort, Best Western Premier, Exelso, Honda, Smart Friend, and Allium Hotel,” he said.

The MURI record won by BTP for the Largest Towel Folding Artwork category in Indonesia was immediately handed over by Triyono as a representative from MURI to Room Division Management students, with a certificate number 8993 / R.MURI / V / 2019.

Triyono congratulated the students for their achievements today. “Keep working, find other creations, and don’t be afraid to think out of the box,” he said.

“In a record, especially the biggest art of folding towels in Indonesia, what is valuable is the process. Collaboration is the most important point in an achievement,” he said.

MURI itself is an independent body that collects the works of the nation’s children, which are unique and different from other works.

Meanwhile, Andri as the Head of the RDM Study Program explained that this event was an event initiated by RDM students in Semester IV and Semester II. “We held on May 2 all to commemorate National Education Day,” he explained.

“This is an innovative and creative activity, to elevate the uniqueness of the world of hospitality. We hope that this activity can shape the attitude, skills, and knowledge of students,” he explained.

“In addition, we also expose them in terms of education so that students are accustomed to the industrial world. It takes about 4 months to prepare so that this team can make an owl shape from this towel fold,” said Andri.

M. Nur A. Nasution as Director of BTM in his remarks expressed his pride in the event prepared by this student.

“This event is very extraordinary, which is managed by young people independently, by Room Division Management. We always support the positive activities of these students,” he explained.

In the event that won the MURI record, the committee of BTP RDM also gave several awards to its students for the nominations for The Most Leadership, The Most Creative, The Good Communicator, The Most Inspiration, and The Caring Person.

BTP itself has three study programs, namely Room Division Management, Culinary Management, and Food & Beverage Management. All of these study programs are at the D4 level.

In the tourism sector itself, BTP students have also shown a number of their achievements. Among them won the 3rd place for the Putra Teruna Tuta Wisata and Museum which was held in Tanjung Pinang, April 2019. Champion 1 Putra Pariwisata Kepri in April 2019, and Winner of Encyclopedia 2 & Batam Son 2019. (**)

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