Apple Foundation Scholarship

Apple Foundation Scholarship
Hi, The Apple Foundation Scholarship is coming again. Register at For those of you who have a dream of becoming a World-Class Developers, don’t waste this opportunity.

What is the Apple Foundation? The Apple Foundation Program is a short-term (1-month) class designed with the challenge-based learning method to provide opportunities for prospective World-Class Developers to explore the Apple Framework to design prototypes of apple ecosystem applications

When is the Program implemented? September 23 – October 18, 2019 from 9am – 1pm on the Apple Academy Campus, Nongsa Digital Park – Kinema

Who can register? Open to the public at least 18 years, knowledge about coding is not needed.

How much does it cost to join this program? Costs that are charged only “time” for registering, recording videos or writing motivation letters and uploading everything through How do I qualify for this program? We will test academic potential. The Academic Potential Test is designed to measure your basic abilities in the fields of Logic, Design, and Business. There will be 30 questions to challenge calculation skills, thinking skills, and problem solving skills. Don’t forget to bring your KTP or Student Card and stationery on the test day. Test results are not the only indicator to receive this scholarship. We will also see your motivation from the submitted video / motivation letter.

What do I get in this program? If you are accepted to join the Foundation Program, you get an exciting new experience and you will be taught about Apple technology. Apple will also lend you MacBooks and iPhones as equipment that will be used during the program. After successfully completing this program, you will get a Certificate of Completion from the Apple Foundation Program @ ITEBA and the opportunity to participate in the Apple Academy for 1 year.

When is the registration deadline? REGISTRATION DEADLINE July 31, 2019 Academic potential test will be held on August 3, 2019, at 10:00 at Batam Institute of Technology, Vitka Complex City, Tiban Ayu, Seku

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